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Contract Parts Cleaning Services (CPCS) is an authorized representative for Serec Corporation. We represent their full line of award-winning Serec Airless™ Vacuum Solvent Cleaning Equipment and Extraction Systems. At CPCS, we have extensive industry experience and will work with you to select a Serec parts cleaner that will meet your application and production requirements.

Serec is recognized worldwide for its innovative, high performance, environmentally-safe Airless™ solvent cleaning and degreasing systems for parts and process equipment. Engineered to remove grease, wax, oil, and particulate from manufactured parts, Serec’s cleaning systems are used a wide range of parts, including metal parts, silicone wafers, castings, stampings, honeycomb, and polished surfaces. These closed-loop systems provide superior cleaning while generating near zero emissions and 99.9% solvent recovery.

  • Airless™ vacuum vapor degreasing equipment & machines
  • Airless™ vacuum solvent extraction systems
  • Front and top loading vacuum cleaning equipment
  • Solvent reprocessing units
  • Distillation columns and drying systems
  • Custom and standard models are available.


Refurbished Airless & Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

We offer selected refurbished and used Serec cleaning equipment for sale. Please see the listings below for equipment that is currently available.

Our Latest Featured Model

serec industrial vacuum cleaning machine
vacuum solvent cleaning machine

Serec Vacuum Solvent Model 1212

Small footprint: 72” W x 36” D x 60” H
Chamber size – 12” L x 12” W x 12” H
Vapor degrease
Built in solvent recovery (Vacuum distillation)
Capable of processing predominately all non-flammable solvents for cleaning



If you are interested in purchasing any of the industrial parts cleaning equipment? We will be happy to assist you.

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