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about our INDUSTRIAL PARTS cleaning equipment

We only use airless cleaning equipment produced by the award winning Serec Corporation. Serec’s closed-loop vacuum technology provides superior cleaning of parts due to its proprietary combination of vacuum, tumbling, and ultrasonic cleaning that aggressively removes contaminants from the parts being cleaned. We offer proven cleaning quality, competitive rates, and quick turnaround. Interested in purchasing used or refurbished industrial parts cleaning equipment for your company? Feel free to check out our inventory.

More About Our Parts Cleaning Services

Our company can help you clean your industrial parts through a variety of proven methods that will help maximize durability and minimize contaminants.

  • We also specialize in bulk degreasing services for metal stampings, screw machine parts, electrical components, medical parts, and printed circuit boards.
  • Our closed loop cleaning equipment allows us to continuously recycle solvent that produces almost zero emissions.

Our Methods of Cleaning

Our process of cleaning involves tumbling, vacuuming, as well as ultrasonic technology that helps us to ensure your parts receive a thorough cleaning and spotless drying.

  • Removal of cutting fluids, soils, wax, solder flux, and more.
  • We can also clean all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, filter media, and some plastic materials.
  • We can degrease parts up to 36″ x 36″ x 36″ and can run full production quantities on request.
industrial parts that have been cleaned

Here is a List of Parts We Can Clean

We can clean medical parts and devices, titanium turnings, precious metals, razor blades, spirol components, heat exchangers, tubes, coils, machined components and miscellaneous metal parts, electrical devices, computer parts, circuit boards, aerospace parts, and some hard plastics.

Not sure if we can help clean your parts? Contact us and let us know what kind of parts you need cleaned.

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